Willamette Coin Club / PNNA Show in Portland

The WCC / PNNA Fall show in Portland was held this weekend. I attended for a few hours on Sunday and saw a good selection of coins, tokens and currency. The crowd was light. Folks from the Coin Cottage said the crowd was much heavier on Saturday. By noon, some dealers were already packing up and heading home. I had to leave then, too.

I purchased a handsome 1920 Maine centennial half dollar in uncirculated condition to add to my commemorative coin set.

Maine Centennial (obverse) Maine Centennial (reverse)

From other dealers, I also found three Winged Liberty Head dimes for my year and mint set and two modern commemoratives: a 1986 Statue of Liberty Centennial proof dollar and a 1991 Mt. Rushmore Golden Anniversary proof dollar. These two were priced right at just a couple of dollars over silver melt price (no box or COA included).

US Type Set

A type set is a coin collection with one example of each major type or variety in a series. For instance, a type set of US coins would generally include one example of a Lincoln cent with the memorial back and another example with the wheat ears reverse.

My type set collection is of major US coinage from 1800. I store the collection in the “United States Type” Dansco album.


Tokens are not coins. Coins are issued by the federal government. Tokens are privately minted. I’ll confuse the two terms here and often use the word coins to refer to both.

Tokens sometimes traded like currency and coins, especially when federal coinage was scarce or being hoarded. This was the case during the “hard times” of the 1830s and the early period of the Civil War. I am primary interested in the satirical and political tokens of the Hard Times era and the patriotic tokens of the Civil War.

Long Island Tercentenary

This is my newest acquisition, a 1936 Long Island Tercentenary commemorative half dollar. It celebrates the 300 year anniversary of the first European settlement on Long Island.

The obverse depicts profile images of a Dutch and Algonquin male.

Obverse of coin

The reverse shows a 17th century ship.

Reverse image of coin

I acquired the coin from the Coin Cottage in Multnomah Village, Portland, Oregon. It was stated to be in AU condition, which seems right to me. The fields on the obverse show light scratches under magnification.