British Mandate of Palestine

The PNNA and Willamette Coin Club held their annual fall coin show this weekend. It seemed well attended on Saturday. I put together a display on the Coinage of the British Mandate of Palestine. I enjoyed putting the exhibit together, but didn’t win any prizes for it. Here’s a photo of the display:

coin display

The ANA’s traveling road show displayed a famous 1913 Liberty Head nickel and a few error coins at the show. This nickel is a worth a couple of million dollars.

ANA Display

ANA Display

Fall PNNA Convention

The PNNA’s Fall 2013 convention will be held in Portland on October 5 & 6 at the DoubleTree Lloyd Center Hotel. The national ANA will exhibit the McDermott/Bebee 1913 Liberty Head “V” Nickel and a collection of famous errors.

I will also be showing my first exhibit at the show on coins from the British Mandate of Palestine. I have a type set collection of coins from this period. I will post photos after the show.

For more information about the show, see this web site:

Items for a Display on Palestine Coins

I found this old postcard I got when I was in Palestine in 1990-1991. I will use it for a display on Palestine coins I’m putting together for a coin show. The postcard is by Palestinian artist Taleb Dwiek. It’s called “The Deported Moon.”

The Deported Moon

I also have this beautiful embroidery hanging in my office. It will also go in the display.

Palestinian Embroidery